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Drone services

We offer WINDOW CLEANING and SOFT WASHING services using the latest drone technology. Our cost-saving APEX drones clean effectively and outperform our competitors. All pilots are FAA 107 certified, and we are fully bonded and insured. Drone cleaning services are available up to 12 stories. 


Minimize liability with no need for lifts or suspension service. The level of risk for an employee is lowered because there's no need to use a lift or access the roof from such heights.

Cost savings

The cost between drone washing and your typical standard exterior cleaning is reduced in favor of the customer. This is due to lower overhead costs as a minimal crew is needed to operate the cleaning drone reaching more surface area in less time.

Reasons to choose Apex

Time Savings

Case studies have proven the effectiveness of our drone services. Offering property managers and facility managers savings in cost and time.

Cutting Edge Pioneers

Few companies in our industry have the technology and expertise that we do.  We're the 1st company in Illinois to own and operate APEX cleaning drones.

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